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My name is Carmen Brancato from Philadelphia, Pa. I am a volunteer for three charities that support our wounded veterans: Fisher House Foundation, Disabled American Veterans, and The Wounded Warrior Project. I come from a military family with my Dad and both grandfathers having served in the Marines. My son is presently serving as a Warrant Officer in the Army and is stationed at Ft. Bragg. My sister retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army and her husband is currently serving in the Navy. I, myself, served a short time in the Marines.

After some research I met with some representatives from the three charities I now represent. Please visit the websites to see all of the great programs that have been established to help not only the injured warriors, but their families as well. Sometimes people tend to forget about all of the sacrifices these men and women and their families have made, and continue to make daily. These charities make sure that these sacrifices are not forgotten.

To gain the public's awareness of the charities, I decided to wrap my 1969 Camaro with military graphics. I found a company in New Jersey to help layout the designs I came up with and the project was underway. I sold my truck the next week in order to finance the project, and on July 4, 2009, the car made its debut. There were numerous events that summer where the car was on display - from military venues and homecomings to big name concerts, NASCAR races, major league sporting events, and nationwide car shows. After being invited to the SEMA show in Las Vegas that November of 2009, the car really started to gain recognition. There were many major companies that believed in the charities and wanted to help in any way they could. I was introduced to a lot of great people that truly opened the doors for me to be able to attend events, both military and civilian, and enabled me to promote the charities.

It's now 2023 and it's closing in on fourteen years since beginning this project with the Camaro. I have driven the car all over our great country, from one coast to the other - the number of incredible people I have met has been immeasurable and the support people have shown for these charities and our troops has been overwhelming. I am very proud to represent them and I will continue to do all I can to promote the outstanding work they do for our troops. Checkout the Warrior Camaro at an upcoming event. Also, be sure to follow the WarriorCamaro on Instagram and on YouTube.

All of the costs for the Camaro's graphics, fuel, tolls and maintenance each year have been covered by my own finances, which hasn't been easy for my family, but it is a small sacrifice compared to those being made by our troops and their families. Again, please take the time to visit the Fisher House Foundation, Disabled American Veterans, and The Wounded Warrior Project charity websites to see all of the great ways they are helping our severely wounded troops and their families. Please make a donation so these programs can continue. Thank you in advance for your time and support. The greatest casualty of war is being forgotten.

Semper Fi!
Carmen J. Brancato